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Advice for selling more Raffle Tickets

Selling raffle tickets is one of those things that many people just assume happens until they try to do it themselves. When you’re tasked with selling raffle tickets, it can seem like a difficult, Herculean task you’ll never accomplish, but by following our tips and advice, you’ll soon sell all your tickets!

Identify your sales targets
There are generally three groups of people you should be targeting when you’re selling: friends and family, colleagues and neighbours, the wider community. When it comes to your friends and family, you’ll find it relatively easy to sell tickets, especially if you sell them face-to-face at Sunday lunch or in the pub.

Selling raffle tickets to your colleagues and neighbours can be slightly more difficult, but the best way to approach it is to have information on a leaflet with all the important information, including the price of tickets, the prizes they can win and why you’re holding the raffle. It should also include the time, date and place where the raffle will be drawn. By letting them know that entering the raffle will be for a good cause, most people will buy at least one ticket.

Selling your tickets to the general public
You need as many people to find out about the raffle as possible, so selling tickets outside supermarkets and in shopping centres will give you the footfall you want (although you will need to get permission from shop managers first!). Make sure to have clear signs, especially telling people about your cause and the prize they could win.

These signs will easily tell you who is interested and who isn’t. People who avoid eye contact and rush past you can be left alone, but you can approach other people to try and sell them raffle tickets. When you pitch a sale to someone, there are three things you need to include:

  • Tell them why you’re fundraising
  • Ask them for their help in reaching your fundraising goal
  • Use the word ‘because’ when you tell them what they can win

Wait for them to ask for more details about the raffle, where you can tell them the details about where and when the raffle will take place, and remember that enthusiasm will encourage people to buy a ticket.

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