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Choosing the right prize for your sports club raffle

Sports club raffles are crucial to keep a club operating at a high standard due to memberships only covers a portion of the expenses. Gathering momentum and excitement for the raffle is partly down to what prizes are on offer. However, they don’t need to be expensive, they just need to relevant to the specific… Read More

Posted by John Weatherill on 08/04/2019

How To Go About Creating Your Own Unique Raffle Tickets

When it comes to funding raising events, selling of raffle tickets proves extremely popular.  If you are going to be holding such an event in the near future, of course, organising a raffle is crucial.   As for the tickets you have a choice, you either purchase ones that have already been printed or you create… Read More

Posted by John Weatherill on 08/04/2019

Four Tips On How To Determine The Price Of Your Raffle Tickets

Many non-profit organizations often hold raffles in order to help raise funds for their cause.  A raffle allows people the opportunity to help a worthy cause and at the same providing them with the opportunity to win a prize that may sometimes be too expensive for them to own.   The selling of as many raffle… Read More

Posted by John Weatherill on 08/04/2019

Methods to get raffle prize donations

The better a prize is the more enticed someone will feel to buy a raffle ticket, however getting the right prizes can sometimes be difficult.  Asking individuals or organisations for free prize donations can be a daunting task, however this shouldn’t be the case. You need to go into this with determination and try not… Read More

Posted by John Weatherill on 08/04/2019

Boost Raffle Ticket Sales Through Social Media

How do you normally advertise a raffle to raise money for a worthy cause? Do you rely on newsletters, posters and word of mouth contributions, or are you letting the power of social media sell your raffle tickets for you? The more people you can get talking about the raffle, the bigger the chance you… Read More

Posted by admin on 20/03/2018

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