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Draw tickets are an essential part of ensuring your fundraising and community events are successful, which is why at Remmer Print, we are committed to providing you with a wide range of draw tickets. Our standard tickets are printed in black on white 80gsm paper, although we can print on coloured paper for an extra cost.

Due to the space available on the draw tickets, we can only print a maximum of 8 prizes on every ticket, but we will work with you to individually design your draw tickets. We can either incorporate your own logo or design on your tickets, or you can choose from our wide range of artwork.

We provide our draw tickets in books of 5s, 10s or 20s, a service free of charge. For an extra price, we can provide your tickets in books of four to provide you with a convenient and easy service. Our tickets are all numbered and have a double perforation, helping you to keep track of your winners in an easy and simple way.

Delivery of your tickets

We understand that you need your raffle tickets in as short amount of time as possible. That is why we have a range of different delivery options to meet your needs and ensure your event goes smoothly and according to plan.

  • Standard delivery of 20,000 tickets or less- Your tickets will be dispatched on or within 7 days for next day delivery, free of charge.
  • Standard delivery of above 20,000 tickets- Your tickets will be dispatched on or within 9 days for next day delivery, free of charge.
  • Special 4 day Express Service- Your tickets will be dispatched on or within 4 days for next day delivery at an extra charge.
  • Special 48 hour Express Service- Your tickets will be dispatched within 48 hours for next day delivery at an additional cost.

For more information about our raffle and draw ticket services, please call 01642 671 651 today.

Draw tickets and the law

It is essential that you have certain pieces of information on your draw tickets to remain within the law. To the best of our knowledge, you need to ensure the following information is present on every draw ticket:

  • The name of the organisation running the draw
  • The promoters name and address
  • The place where the draw is being held and the date on which it is being held
  • The name of the Local Authority with whom the organisation is registered (e.g. Stockton Borough Council)
  • The price of each ticket

Additionally, you need to ensure:

  • When your tickets go on sale to the public, your organisation must be registered with your Local Authority
  • You obtain a licence from your Local Authority

Finally, remember that it is an offence to offer members of the public free draw tickets.

For more information about our draw tickets and raffle tickets, please email john@remmerprint.co.uk or call us on 01642 671 651 today. One of our friendly team members will take you through everything you need to know.

For Sales and Advice Call 01642 671 651

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