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Boost Raffle Ticket Sales Through Social Media

How do you normally advertise a raffle to raise money for a worthy cause? Do you rely on newsletters, posters and word of mouth contributions, or are you letting the power of social media sell your raffle tickets for you?

The more people you can get talking about the raffle, the bigger the chance you have of selling more tickets, and this means more profit for your chosen cause. Social media can be a powerful ally, and by using Twitter and Facebook as your preferred platforms, you really do have the best chances of boosting ticket sales.

Why use social media to promote raffle tickets?
When you think about it, social media is still a word of mouth way to advertise but you do this on a much larger scale. Imagine how many additional people you can reach out to with your promotion, and how many other thousands of people your friends and family contacts will then reach out to?

As well as posting messages, you can upload videos and add photos to grab attention and make the raffle more appealing to a greater number of people. There’s the opportunity to shoot videos of prizes and snap photos to make people sit up and take notice, making it an easy form of advertising.

Social media is also good for creating links, and you can direct people to different sites which show them where they can buy raffle tickets. Plus you can list links to the sites of your sponsors, so they benefit from giving to your charity.

The options are endless with social sites like Facebook and Twitter, and you can easily promote your organisation and the causes it supports by getting online to raise awareness of worthy causes.

One of the best things about social media is this is a free form of advertising, and it’s very simple to promote your ticket sales using the various online platforms available.

What details should you include for your raffle promotion?
If you like the sound of social media and want to use this to promote raffle ticket sales, make sure you provide the following information to any interested parties so they are fully informed and up-to-date.

  • Time and date of draw
  • Location
  • Details of who’s promoting the event
  • Place where tickets can be bought and the cost of them
  • The prizes being offered

Make sure you include images of any major prizes that are being advertised as part of the promotion to really grab attention and spark the imagination. When people are given the chance to view photos or watch videos of the prizes on offer, they are more willing to donate.

Social media is a fun and productive way to advertise a charity raffle draw. Advertise online if you are running a raffle, and should you require tickets printing, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Remmer Print by calling 01642 671 651 or email us at john@remmerprint.co.uk.

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