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How to Maximise Your Raffle Profit

Running a raffle is the ideal way to raise money for a worthy cause and with careful planning, you can maximise the ticket sales and make a large sum of cash for your chosen charity. People like the idea of a raffle, where they buy a ticket to be in with the chance of winning some type of prize; it’s fun, and very easy to take part. Raffle draws can be very successful, and even after you deduct the cost of printing the tickets, you can still make a healthy profit to hand over to a deserving cause.

The big question is, how do you run a raffle and maximise the chance of it being a success, so you can raise as much money as possible? At Remmer Print, we have extensive experience working with charitable causes and have had the pleasure of printing raffle tickets for many types of events. Here are our tips for maximising your raffle profit, do this to raise the revenue at the event.

Have the raffle items on display in a prime position
If you are raffling a large prize like a car, for example, place this in a prominent position where potential buyers can take a good look at it. Nothing excites more than seeing the prize up close, people can look, touch and almost sense the feeling of taking the prize away after they have won it. Always try to place the prize in the most conspicuous location. Shopping centres are a great location for large prizes such as cars. If you are running a raffle at a charity evening, you can also display smaller prizes on tables to give buyers a sense of what they might be winning.

Make your presence felt
When you sell raffle tickets, it’s important to have the prizes on display and you need to think about how visible you are to the buying public. Run a raffle at a charity evening and you don’t want to be hidden away at the back of the room, you need to be upfront and visible, making people aware of the tickets and why you are selling them in the first place. The more you make your presence felt by promoting the sales, the more likely you are at raising a hefty sum.

Ramp up the sales
Without being too in-the-face, try to sell as many tickets as possible by gently encouraging the paying public to buy more than one ticket. You can offer special incentives such as discounts for multiple purchases or gently coax people into buying one extra ticket to ‘double their chance’ of winning a prize. The more you can be proactive with the sale of raffle tickets, the bigger the fund will be once all of the prizes have been drawn.

Actively seek out buyers
As well as having a fixed point for ticket sales, have a few floating sales people moving from table to table at charity events. Some people might have missed the prize table, so might not be aware of the raffle, and you can target them by sending a few helpers around the room, selling tickets as they go. It’s a good idea to get the host of the event to mention the raffle over the microphone at the start of the evening too, so everyone is aware there are tickets on sale.

Simple tactics can often produce the best results when you are hosting a raffle. If you would like to discuss design ideas for raffle tickets, contact us here at Remmer Print to chat about your event, you can email us at john@remmerprint.co.uk or calling 01642 671 651 today.

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