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How to put together the best charity raffle

Raffles are a great way to raise money for charity or to promote your event or business, as they generate a lot of attention and are known to build interest through word of mouth.  To people that are new to putting together successful charity raffles, it may not always be clear how and where to begin. However, whether it’s a large or small task, we’ve got you covered with an easy step-by-step guide to follow.

  • Check Local Laws and Instruction – Before you start, it is best to check local or district laws regarding raffles. In some counties, raffles may be considered as lotteries that require special licensing, permits and/or taxation codes. Please double check with your local council to ensure your raffle, draw or lottery is legal to operate.


  • Fixed Goals If the raffle is for charity, you will want some fixed goals to try to achieve. A monetary figure for your set charity is a good aim. Set dates and points for your team which will help to keep them motivated during the build-up.


  • Raffle Prizes – Do some thoughtful research around what type of prizes you want to offer. People will purchase tickets for raffles proposing items or experiences they are interested in. In the case of charities, many sponsors will donate “big ticket” items, otherwise not affordable to the raffle organizers. Think about the things people “dream” about. Depending on the size of the charity; cars, holidays and days-out are great prizes. Electronics gadgets are fantastic prizes too, everybody wants the latest device? If you’re budget aware or the scope of your raffle budget is on the smaller side, you can’t go wrong with low-cost prizes such as bottles of wine and chocolates.


  • Draw Ticket Printing – Now that you’ve gotten yourself organized you need to print custom prize draw tickets. You will need to consider how many you want to print. It’s also important to brand your custom printed tickets so they look certified, professional and genuine to your buyers. Remmer Printing is the specialist in printing great-looking raffle tickets at a great price.


  • Raffle Ticket Printing – Raffle tickets are an old favourite, and with good reason. They’re simple, versatile, and everyone knows how to use them. Printing your own Raffle Tickets rather than just buying stock versions allows you to brand and customize them, adding that extra special touch to your event and competitions. It is essential to go to a reputable raffle printer, to ensure that your tickets stay within the law; Remmer Print offer expert advice to help.


  • Promote your raffle – There are many things you can do to promote your charity raffle. With bigger costs you have the option of, Radio and print advertising, however, in today’s digital world it’s easy to get buzz for your raffle through the power of social media. A bright and colourful Facebook promo can spread fast through word-of-mouth online. You could offer early bird draws; which are an outstanding promotional technique offering incentives for early ticket buyers. You can also offer low-priced ticket bundles or limited prizes for early buyers.


  • Selling your Tickets. Use every possibility accessible to you. Get inspired. You can sell tickets gate-to-gate, in shopping centres, online, e-mail, at schools and at the event itself.


  • Hold The Draw – Always hold the raffle on the date advertised and contact the winners in a timely fashion. Get pictures to celebrate with your grand prize winners. This is a great chance to create content you can share with your next set of raffle tickets. On a final note, if you keep concentrated on your goals and follow the list of steps we’ve provided for you, you will be able to create the best charity raffle possible.


For all your prize draw and raffle printing needs, Remmer Print is your one-stop shop, offering all styles and quantities to suit your occasion.  Our custom raffle tickets are individually designed for each and every customer, with your own logo and original artwork. Check out our range of sample raffle tickets here.

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