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How your raffle influences your event marketing & fundraising

A raffle is a great interactive game of chance that doesn’t require skill or practice, which is why it makes such a popular addition to any event. It’s pure luck, and there is no way to prepare for it and no need for athletic prowess. A raffle is a level playing field, which is why they continue to be very popular for events and fundraisers, because everyone and anyone have a chance at winning! Here’s how your raffle will influence your event marketing and fundraising and why you should consider personalised raffle tickets.


Event marketing: pre-event

Pre-event marketing is effective at getting the word out and making sure plenty of people attend your event, function, or fundraiser. Using a raffle and advertising your raffle tickets in pre-event marketing (along with the prizes) will help draw people in because of the element of competition and excitement. Not only will they be giving their money to a charity or cause, but they also stand a chance of getting a prize out of it too. It’s a pretty effective hook, and naturally kids love it too.


Event marketing: during the event

You can even market your raffle during the event as well by having a member of your team approach attendees with a personalised raffle tickets book to talk to them about it. This is where you can tell them how much your tickets are, what they could win, and where the proceeds are going, so they may buy more than one or two. Plus, a personalised raffle ticket can include the name of your business or charity, the prize tiers, and the date and time of the draw to serve as a reminder. This keeps attendees interested and interacting with you right up until the winners are drawn, and they may even discover more about you and your team during this time.


Compelling fundraising

Selling your personalised raffle tickets at an offer price will invariably increase the likelihood of attendees buying more (£2 for 1 or 3 for £5 is an old favourite). Increasing these promotions instils the sort of ‘may as well’ mind-set in event goers because a sort of discount is introduced; therefore increasing the money you are raising and also the number of participants in the raffle. This is why charities and community fundraisers like schools use raffles so frequently, because they compel people to buy them whilst giving to a cause and whilst standing the chance of winning – it’s a win, win, win situation!


Personalised raffle tickets for your event

Personalised raffle tickets add a certain quality to your event and can remind people when, where, and what time the raffle is taking place to increase attendance at the draw. Raffles are super effective when marketing an event and for fundraising purposes, so why not find out more about Remmer Print’s personalised bespoke raffle tickets? Contact Us today or Download Our Catalogue.

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