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Making sure your bespoke raffle tickets are compliant

Are you organising a raffle or prize draw for your community, school, or business? It’s important that you make sure your bespoke raffle tickets are compliant so as not to run into any bumps along the way. Order raffle tickets online with Remmer Print, and make sure you’ve prepared all the necessary details for your prize draw or raffle…

Under the gambling act of 2005, these details are required to be printed on the tickets to ensure ethical practice and good fun to be had by all.


The information you need to include on prize draw tickets:

Where the ticket is from ­such as the name of the organisation, your business name, or school’s name.

Type of draw, such as a big prize raffle or a singular prize draw.

Prize details, so you should tell everyone what the grand prize is, second place, and third place, or simply state there are many prizes to be won.

Price per ticket, so as to ensure complete compliance and transparency with those entering the draw.

Counterfoil return date, or when the tickets should be returned to the organisation if they haven’t been sold for the draw.

Registered number and authority they’re registered under, to ensure that the relevant bodies know the prize draw is taking place and therefore legitimately and fairly conducted.

Name and address or the promoter selling the tickets, again to ensure that the bespoke prize draw tickets are being sold and distributed fairly, and for those participating to ask any questions should they need to.

Date, time, and location of draw, so your attendees know when to show up!


What you need to know when you order raffle tickets online

If you’re selling your bespoke raffle tickets or bespoke prize draw tickets to members of the public, then the raffle or draw has to be registered with your local authority. The raffle or draw must fall under one of three categories: for charity, in support of athletic sports, games, or cultural activities, or other reasons that are not for private gain or for commercial reasons.


If any of this has confused you or you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us before you order raffle tickets online with Remmer Print. We’ll be happy to help!

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