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Methods to get raffle prize donations

The better a prize is the more enticed someone will feel to buy a raffle ticket, however getting the right prizes can sometimes be difficult.  Asking individuals or organisations for free prize donations can be a daunting task, however this shouldn’t be the case. You need to go into this with determination and try not to take rejection to heart, asking hundreds of people and getting no response is normal.


The approach that you take can depend how successful you are, throughout this we will look to give you advice on how to increase the amount of donations you receive;




The days of sending physical post has long gone, the quicker and more efficient way of getting a response is through email. Not only is it free and quick, the organisation receiving it has the option to forward it onto the appropriate department.


However organisations will receive hundreds of emails a day asking something irrelevant to them so you need yours to stand out. The first paragraph needs to catch their attention from the second they open it. Once you have this, write a short but descriptive paragraph about why you need a donation and what you are raising money for.


Research companies


Researching businesses will only increase your chance of getting a response through choosing ones that have a link to you or the cause.


Social Media


You yourself have a wealth of contacts within touching distance through Facebook. Send a post out asking your friends for any donations, you may be surprised how much you find being offered to you!


Reaching out to celebrities is also advised, your success rate from this may be a lot harder. However if you are successful, this may be seen by thousands of their followers and they’ll be encouraged to donate too.


Always follow up


Now you have received their donation, following this up with a thank you email is vital. This will encourage them to send out more in the future. Also send them an email after the raffle has been completed to let them know how much money has been raised.


Finding prizes for your raffles can be a stressful process, although once it’s been completed the pride that you will feel, makes that all forgotten.


Remmer Print have experience working with all types of raffle fundraises, so if there’s any questions you have don’t hesitate to ask. Simply get in touch by emailing john@remmerprint.co.uk  or calling 0642671651 today.

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