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The Differences Between Raffle Draws & Free Draws

Here at Remmer Print, we work with countless societies, charities, community centres and private individuals to print raffle draw tickets and one of the most common questions we get asked is what the difference is between lotteries and raffle draws. In fact, a raffle is a type of lottery but is often used in order to fundraise for charities or a common cause. There is a lot of legislation surrounding lotteries of all types, and it’s important to understand it so you’re complying with the law.

As well as raffle draws, there are other types of lotteries you could be holding depending on your circumstances, such as small society lotteries, private lotteries, incidental lotteries, large society lotteries and customer lotteries.

Free Draws and Prize Competitions
Unlike raffle draws, if you’re organising a prize competition or free draw, you won’t be subject to gambling regulations and won’t need a license to hold your event. Prize competitions cannot rely solely on chance and there needs to be some level of skill needed to qualify for winning that aims to:

  • Prevent a number of people from entering
  • Prevent a number of people who have entered from winning

Rather than chance, prize competitions are based on knowledge, skill or judgement.

Free prize draws are competitions where either all entries are free or entries can be made for free or by paying. Methods of communication to enter should be charged at a normal rate (e.g. a first class stamp).

If you’re unsure, check
If you’re planning to run a free draw or a prize competition, The Gambling Commission has guidelines so that you can ensure your event actually qualifies and that you’re not inadvertently organising an illegal lottery. Additionally, even though prize competitions and free draws don’t need to adhere to gambling law, you will need to familiarise yourself with unfair consumer practices and other consumer legislation.

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