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What personalised raffle tickets say about your company

We live in a wonderful modern world. We’re seeing new and better ways to do just about everything. But some things just can’t be improved. People have been holding raffles for centuries, and there’s just no way to top them.


The reason?


Nothing beats a raffle for good fun, friendly competition, real stakes, and bringing people together. 


That’s why we’re pleased to offer bespoke raffle tickets for your business events, conferences, fundraisers, and company parties. Raffle tickets made to your specifications make your employees feel special and cared for, and helps encourage pride in your company.


Common Ground

One thing that we all have in common is the feeling of community, of wanting to be included, and wanting to win! A raffle is a terrific way to get every member of your team excited about a mildly competitive goal, encouraging a sense of ‘I want to win’ without creating too much head-on competition.


It’s also one of the best events for a sense of fair play and good will. Because a raffle doesn’t require any skill or experience, but only luck or an amount of tickets bought, every participant is equal, and every member of the team, no matter their position, has an equal chance of getting the prize.


Spreading the Good Word

But of course, company events aren’t just for employees. For a company party, for example, your team members will bring family and friends, and there’s a good chance you’ll invite along professional acquaintances and partners.


So what do bespoke raffle tickets say to these people?


Well, a couple of key things, actually.


For one, it shows that you care enough not to simply go with the lowest-effort, off-the-shelf option, but to take enough pride in your organisation that even the smallest detail deserves the same care and attention that your biggest projects receive. There’s no way that kind of attention, even if it’s not remarked on, goes unnoticed.


Secondly, it puts your name out there, and for every person who isn’t on your payroll, it spreads awareness of your brand and helps them associate a happy event with your company. While this isn’t advertising as such, it’s invaluable brand awareness and helps elevate and illuminate your brand, and all it takes is just a moment of thought and care.


Everyone on Board, and Everyone Motivated

Raffles can be a great source of income for corporate and charity fundraisers, particularly when clear goals and associations are included, and they can add an element of involvement and fun to what might otherwise seem like an obligation. They can turn what might otherwise be seen as a humdrum mandatory fun event into a positive, eagerly-anticipated, entertaining event in which your employees feel included, valued, and cared for, and which has the positive side effect of showing your associates how much you care about your organization, your operations, and most of all, the people who make it happen.


We offer options for every event and situation, each tailored to meet your needs for bespoke raffle tickets. So why not get in touch today and see what we can do for you and your company? Our professional and courteous staff will be happy to walk you through our options and what we can do for you, and we offer 24 hour ordering online or by post, nationwide delivery, and honest and impartial advice, completely free of charge.


Call us today at 01642 671 651 or email john@remmerprint.co.uk to find out how we can help.


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